Saturday, 29 March 2014


Seseorang yang enggan dikenali mendakwa Syarikat Bas Ekspress Kesatuan menipu beliau melalui harga tiket Ipoh - Butterworth (waktu perjalanan 6.30 pm). Kejadian tersebut didakwa semasa beliau membeli tiket di kaunter tiket syarikat tersebut pada Sabtu, 29 Mac 2014 di Terminal Aman Jaya, Ipoh Perak. Beliau melahirkan rasa terkejut apabila harga tiket bernilai RM20.00 berbanding harga sebenar RM15.30 (termasuk surcaj RM1.40). Apabila ditanya kerani berkenaan berkata harga tiket sudah naik sekian lama. Kerani tersebut tidak memberikan sebarang tiket dengan alasan tiket akan diberikan semasa beliau menaiki bas. 

Pada masa itu beliau tidak mengesyaki apa-apa memandangkan beliau agak tergesa-tergesa untuk pulang ke Pulau Pinang dan masa beliau membeli tiket sudah menghampiri masa bas mahu bertolak. Kerani tersebut terus membawa beliau ke arah bas yang bernombor WLT 8808 dan kelihatan sudah dipenuhi dengan penumpang kecuali satu kerusi dibahagian depan. Sebaik sahaja beliau duduk, pemandu bas masuk dan terus menggerakkan bas tanpa memberikan sebarang tiket kepada beliau.

Beliau menyedari telah ditipu dan beliau hanya penumpang "haram" di dalam bas tersebut sekaligus tidak dilindungi sebarang insuran jika berlaku kemalangan. Beliau melahirkan rasa  kecewa di atas kegagalan syarikat tersebut memantau aktiviti penipuan kakitangan tersebut. Beliau turut berharap pihak penguatkuasa khususnya Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Darat (SPAD) dan lain-lain agensi kerajaan yang berkaitan wajar meletakkan pegawai yang beruniform setiap masa supaya memudahkan pengguna membuat aduan dengan cepat.

Beberapa keping gambar turut dikepilkan sebagai bukti beliau penumpang bas tersebut yang sempat beliau rakam semasa bas berhenti untuk solat maghrib di Hentian Rehat dan Rawat Gunung Semanggol.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Berita kehilangan Boeing 777-200 #MH370 milik Malaysia Airlines telah menimbulkan pelbagai spekulasi dan andaian ramai pihak samada daripada pakar-pakar aviasi mahupun ahli politik dan umat manusia seluruh dunia. Artikel ini tidak bertujuan untuk menambahkan spekulasi mahupun mewujudkan andaian. Namun beberapa persoalan yang menjadi logik asas kepada kehilangan kapal terbang canggih "Queen of Sky" Syarikat Boeing menimbulkan keraguan yang mungkin terlepas pandang ataupun ada sesuatu yang tidak kena dimana-mana.

Dua fokus utama yang tidak dibangkitkan yang melibatkan agensi antarabangsa iaitu Boeing dan NSA yang wajar dipertimbangkan. 

Pertama, enjin kapalterbang akan melaporkan status penyelenggaraan kepada Boeing melalui satelit jika pesawat tersebut terpaksa mendarat dengan selamat. Kedua, telefon bimbit boleh disambung kerana masih berfungsi.  Adakah masih ada laporan yang paling munasabah?

Satu artikel yang dipetik daripada tulisan Jim Stone yang menarik untuk dibaca dan diperhalusi.

March 18 2014

Cabin fire nonsense

This story has 2 missing points – the plane had to have landed intact, because the engines uplink to satellite upon landing to report maintenance status to Boeing and THEY DID, which proves this plane landed safely, AND,
ANYWHERE this plane landed, the cell phones could have connected, there are no major runways far enough away from cell towers to prevent this from happening. So the NSA knows where they are, WHY THE SILENCE.
So the "most plausible report out there" is either misguided or a lie, and Boeing themselves gave the CHECK MATE.

Ukraine and MH370 - the larger issues

I have no doubt that America intentionally stole Chinese engineers and technology via the theft of flight 370 as a precursor to World War 3. And I think the U.S. was in Ukraine to secure that territory as a precursor as well, and Russia did not play as nice as the cabal thought they would. But the theft of flight 370 indicates to me that they are going to proceed as planned despite Russia's reaction, with whatever they have.
Events leading up to World War 3 are playing out. Flight MH370 was a major piece of the puzzle in this, but more importantly what is going on in Ukraine may be the trigger.

I see the American invasion of Ukraine as a finishing and very blatant step towards getting a strong pro-western presense there for the purpose of staging a war with Russia. Prior to the CIA running it's psy ops, Ukraine was solidly pro Russian, with over 70 percent of the population of Ukraine supporting re-annexation to Russia and the numbers remain overwhelmingly in favor of Russia. This was strongly reflected in the 95 plus percent vote in Crimea in favor of re-annexing with Russia. These people were around in the Soviet era, which means that Russia could not possibly have been as bad to them in recent times as we have been led to believe (though the now long gone Bolsheviks murdered up to 70 million people there).

It is my belief that this swing of Ukranian opinion back in favor of Russia has been caused by three main factors, which are 911 and the wide spread knowledge among thinking people that the Bush/Israel clan in fact did it, the NSA ripping it's way into everything private everywhere in the world (the people of Ukraine are no doubt upset and concerned about this) and the now well known meme of false flag terror really being done by the CIA and Mossad. America now is obviously to the world the great evil empire that stops at nothing to get it's way, in a way far worse than the world EVER had to deal with from the former Communist bloc. This no doubt turned eyes in a favorable direction towards Russia, and it has reflected strongly in the polls.

American aggression in Ukraine has not done much for American image either. The people of Ukraine are none too happy with the stooge government that was ushered in as a result. Re-joining Russia would go a long way towards fixing that problem. 

It is well known now that the CIA and Blackwater had snipers and other "soldiers of fortune" in Russia killing people on both sides of the issue, to make them fight each other and allow an American sponsored government to rise in the wake and take Ukraine over. And neither Russia nor the Ukranian people are happy about that. Russia definitely belongs there, defending it's door step from obvious aggression and only the American sponsored government wants them out. It would bode well for Ukraine to have the Russian military throw the stooges out.

As a surprise to me, (and I really did find it surprising,) America responded to Russia doing what was obviously right with threats of escalation and war. Arrogance has no bounds I guess. Thus far the arrogance has resulted in only sanctions. Perhaps because Russian media got fairly bold and began talking about how Russia could turn America into radioactive ash.

How much will American sanctions affect Russia?

Perhaps not as much as Russian and Chinese sanctions would affect America. Russia and China do not need the American dollar to stay afloat. They have their own currencies and a good enough alliance to keep life pretty much normal without America even existing. But if Russia and China and the rest of the BRICS nations dump the dollar, America's "dollar," the private banker dollar, could well end up crashing. And a crashed bankers have a favorite way of fixing problems - huge wars.

And this is where flight MH370 enters the picture

Long ago, China knew America was into hacking everything, and one outcome of this was the Longsoon Yeelong laptop, which ran a Chinese operating system on a Chinese processor. China knew so well that the NSA had back doors into everthing long before Snowden that they copied an American processor and tried to produce it sans back doors. And it all worked and ran quite well and securely. I had a chance to buy a new one in 2012 but at the time did not know what it was so I passed it up. Too bad. But because I actually saw one I now know China has secure and fairly modern computing that the NSA would love to blow a few back doors into. In this area China probably beats Russia.
The hijacked plane had more than just 20 freescale employees, it had many other Chinese experts aboard and now that everything is washed out, the kidnapped engineers worked data security and little else. Since the U.S. does practically nothing militarily without first getting absolute information superiority, they nailed that plane which was unusually full of key people for the sole purpose of getting the NSA back into a position of completely raping Chinese data and regaining total information superiority. This would be badly "needed" before kicking off world war 3 with China being a key "threat" (a little inverted there), and the window of opportunity is short. They have got to quickly extract information from the engineers and launch their war before China can plug any holes that get opened. THAT is why the disappearance of flight 370 is so important, and why Diego Garcia is NEVER EVER MENTIONED in the MSM.

I believe there is a war on the horizon. Russia has thus far shown an even temper (too much so) and China is saying nothing. How long will that last? Well, a search for a "missing" plane is a great opportunity to stage all your military assets for battle is it not? A great reason to send various nation's militaries to what could soon be a conflict zone, is it not? Consider that.

Take a look at this cute little Iframe. This was so good I embedded it. FLIGHT 370 WAS SPOTTED BY RESIDENTS OF THE MALDIVES ISLANDS ON THE WAY TO DIEGO GARCIA.

#PrayForMH370 #Hope4MH370 

Monday, 10 March 2014


Umum mengetahui isu kehilangan pesawat MAS #MH370 yang menjadi misteri, telah menarik perhatian dunia. Selain memberikan ucapan simpati dan takziah, ramai yang semakin tertanya-tanya apakah nasib sebenar yang menimpa semua para penumpang dan anak-anak kapal itu?

Namun di sebalik kisah misteri pesawat #MH370 itu, wujud pelbagai berita dan maklumat kononnya pesawat tersebut telah pun mendarat di China, namun kerajaan sengaja merahsiakan mengenainya. Malah ada juga yang memberikan pandangan yang tidak masuk akal seperti meminta kerajaan mengupah pengamal ‘paranormal’ dan sebagainya.

Paling menarik, ada seorang kenalan memberitahu, pada ketika ini ramai yang cuba menjadi wartawan dengan melaporkan berita-berita yang tiada asasnya. Ada yang mengatakan, mereka menerima maklumat dari saudara, kenalan dan mereka yang rapat dengan mangsa semata-mata untuk meyakinkan masyarakat dengan ‘khabar angin yang dibawanya itu.

Tetapi dalam banyak-banyak komen, pendapat, andaian, teori dan sebagainyaada segelintir di kalangan penyokong pembangkang yang cuba mempolitikkan isu ini. Mereka mendakwa kononnya kehilangan pesawat MH#370 adalah merupakan sebahagian dari konspirasi kerajaan.

Kononnya ia bertujuan untuk mengalihkan tumpuan masyarakat terhadap keputusan mahkamah di dalam ke liwat II yang melibatkan Ketua Pembangkang, Anwar Ibrahim. Tanpa mempedulikan hati dan perasaan kaum keluarga dan waris semua mangsa yang terlibat, mereka melemparkan pelbagai tuduhan dan dakwaan yang jelas tiada asasnya.

Sedangkan pada ketika ini, sebagai rakyat Malaysia yang prihatin kita seharusnya saling mendoakan yang terbaik buat semua yang terlibat. Ia secara tidak langsung dapat memberikan sokongan moral kepada semua kaum keluarga penumpang dan anak kapal yang pada ketika ini sedang bersedih dan risau.

Apa yang penting pada ketika ini mengharapkan agar misi mencari pesawat #MH370 dapat diselesaikan dengan segera.

Penerbangan MH370 dari Kuala Lumpur ke Beijing bersama 227 penumpang dan 12 anak kapal itu dilapor hilang daripada radar pada pukul 1.30 pagi semalam, kira-kira sejam setelah berlepas dari KLIA.

Pesawat itu membawa penumpang dari 14 negara dengan lebih separuh merupakan warga China dan 38 rakyat Malaysia.

Buat mereka yang terlibat hentikan spekulasi!!!!!!!!!

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